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Built for Comfort - 3rd February 2007 by Keith Barwood.

From Swindon, Built for Comfort were making their second appearance at the Borough Blues Club. This Band helped the club out in its early days; we were impressed with their performance then and after the 3rd February, we still are!

The first set started with a number by Little Walter called ‘Son of Juke’, a good, fast moving performance, and this was reflected over the rest of the night.

They continued with numbers from: - BB King, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, and a host of other blues legends.
My particular favourite was ‘Built for Comfort’ by Willie Dixon, an apt number for this band!

As to their musicianship, they were very ‘tight’, never putting a note wrong, never over-playing any of the numbers.

Built for Comfort produced a very good, fast moving blues night which our members really enjoyed.
I’m sure Built for Comfort will be returning to the Borough Blues Club.




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