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Built for Comfort - 5th November 2005


Built For Comfort thrilled the crowd at the November 2005 session at the Borough Blues Club near Pontypool. Club secretary Adrian Powell looks back on the night.

The band that entertained us this Saturday (November 5) was a Swindon based six-piece outfit called Built for Comfort . The style of music they played was good old 'shuffling' Chicago blues with plenty of attitude and enthusiasm to go with it.

Band consisted of: - Vocals - Alec Adams, Harp - Billy Jones, Drums - Phil Tate Base - Dave Miller, Guitar - John Ingleson, and finally Keyboards - Barry Archer.

They kicked off the first set with BB King's Shake it up and Go; this set the mood for the night and we were off and running for what was to be another great night.

The band followed this up with a selection of old favorites from the likes of Muddy Waters, Jimmy Rogers, Little Walter, and Sonny-Boy Williamson, the last two blues men were noted 'Harp' players and it is fair to say that Billy Jones was well up to playing to the high standards of the old blues-men.

In fact it would be fair to say that all the members of the band were quality musicians, with each giving something special to the overall performance.

In the second half, the band gave us a full mix of up, and down, tempo blues, with one number, BB King's Rock Me Baby, standing out because it featured a Glen Miller riff for an ending - classy or what? - You only get the best of culture at the Borough Blues Club!

The boys finished the night with the most appropriate 'Built For Comfort' by Willie Dixon, our members were still 'up for it' so the band played two more encores, and finally we had to call it a night. - Perfect for Bon-fire Night - it was a cracker!!

This was the third meeting of the Borough Blues Club, and from the comments made on the night, it seems the club is really establishing itself as a real local focus for rhythm and blues music, so if you have an interest in the blues come along and try us out one night.






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