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Debbie Lear & Paul McDonough - 17th December 2005


Local heroes the Debbie Lear Blues Band went down a storm at the December 2005 session at the Borough Blues Club near Pontypool. Club secretary Adrian Powell looks back on the night.
This night, the band was as local as we could get - The Debbie Lear Blues Band featuring Paul McDonough on lead guitar (Debbie and Paul only live about two miles up the road and are members of the Borough Blues Club) and they gave us a great party night.

The band line-up:-

  • Drums - Chris Sefton - a superb musician, able to cover all styles of music
  • Bass - David Cozens - Rock solid all night, pretty nifty with a bit of slap as well
  • Keyboards - Peter Haggi - Blues, Jazz, Fusion, you name it, this man's your man
  • Lead Guitar - Paul McDonough - Stunning Technician, Unique style, and a guitarist's player without doubt
  • Vocals - Debbie Lear - Cracking voice with a down and dirty blues sound with sweet jazzy bits thrown in now and again to keep us smooth!

By 8.00 the house was virtually full and the party was in full swing, with the crowd building the atmosphere for what was to be a great night, with the party mood going all night long.

This was effectively our Christmas party and everyone was 'up for it'. So the band opened the first set with an instrumental Cissy Strut by the Meters - a blues fusions style number, our members and guests took notice big time!

Then it was Debbie's turn, kicking off with an Albert Collins number followed by songs by Freddy King, BB King, Etta James, too many to mention or single out, just to say the first set was over only too soon - brilliant!

After a short break, the band resumed their performance with another Albert Collins tune namely Ice Man - great song, great rendition, guitar work from Paul was something else.

The rest of the set was a mix of old and new blues numbers and these kept the party feel up and our members were really enjoyed themselves.

Debbie and the boys played their hearts out for us. In fact they played for over an hour in the first set, and for an hour and twenty minutes in the final set - and then ended up playing three encores to satisfy our members, by this time it was midnight we had to shut up shop - the bar closed!!

All-in-all a great first Christmas Party night for the Borough Blues Club!





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