mick pini 1Gig Review - Mick Pini, 3 May 2008

When Mick Pini walks into the room, even if you haven’t seen his photograph there isn’t any doubt which one is him. Is that the same beret that he’s had on his head for more than 30 years or does he buy them already worn in? He looks like the real thing.

I arrived after the band had done their sound check and warm–up. Some thought the sound check alone was worth the ticket money. He plays like the real thing!

The man is a guitar legend and, with the Stratocaster that is almost as old as he is, he started as he meant to go on.  

He opened with Robert Cray’s Phone Booth then a couple of numbers that I didn’t recognise - he sent us a set list ahead of the gig so that I wouldn’t have to write down each number, however he didn’t entirely stick to the order or even the numbers that he told us so please excuse me if in my excitement I didn’t write everything down – but I did get back on track with BB King’s Woke up this Morning, Freddie King’s Have You Ever Loved a Woman, and Peter Green’s Looking for Somebody.

After the interval there was more Peter Green, a bit of Albert King, some original Mick Pini and a fantastic a mix of All Along the Watchtower and Hey Joe. Brilliant!!

I can’t remember what they played for an encore but it was terrific.

Mick was ably assisted by his very solid band:  Danny Martin on Keyboard, Bugs Malone on bass and Joachim Grieve on drums. mick pini 2

For all of their skill and professionalism the show is about Mick Pini. He loves his work, he loves his tools – he carries his beloved guitars as hand luggage wherever he goes from his German base. He came across as a nice man and a genuine fan of other musicians as we chatted while he sold and signed his CD’s.

He is a class act and I for one hope that in a year or two we can get him back at the Borough Blues Club.