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        Gig Review - Virgil & the Accelerators, 7 June 2008, by Steve Savidge

This day was memorable for two reasons. Firstly it was our first Blues Festival, and not knowing how t was going to turn out we decided to do it on the same day as our regular monthly gig. That meant young Virgil would be following on from Dave Williams of Blue Traffic, a renown magician with 6 strings… so how would this 16 year old prodigy fair in direct comparison to the best this club has seen? The answer: The best this club has ever seen is now without doubt Virgil McMahon of the Accelerators… I foresee this young man being the best of the best; in the not too distant future he should surely be revered as one of the greats and mentioned in the same breath as Joe Bonamassa and Walter Trout. An absolutely awe-inspiring performance had a sell-out audience spellbound in there seats as he performed with such ease and exquisite style that we simply cannot wait to get him back at the club again!

To sum up the feeling of the band we had an email off Huw Morgan to say “we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it gave us a real buzz on the long drive home. In fact it seemed a great day throughout with some really 'hot' music in the marquee. So hope you are going to do this all again next year?” We certainly hope to do just that as a memorable day was had by all!


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