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Junior Hacksaw - 18th February 2006


Junior Hacksaw keep it simple and keep it sweet at New Panteg RFC near Pontypool in February 2006. Here's a review from club secretary Adrian Powell.

The band Junior Hacksaw have been around for quite a while now but the performance they gave us proved that time is of no consequence when you have an abundance of talent such as these guys have!

This fantastic trio comprises on drums - John Turner, on bass - Pete Hurley, and fronting the band, on guitar and vocals - Pete Matheson.

Pete's attitude to the blues seems to be 'keep it simple, keep it sweet' and from the reaction of those members at the gig on the night, the attitude was sweet with them as well, but as I'm sure most people are aware, it takes a very good musician to make it look easy, and Pete is one of the best.

Junior Hacksaw kicked off the evening with a BB King number, Every Day I Have The Blues . BB seems to be a firm favorite with most blues fans, and this version certainly lived up to the great man's standard.

Pete followed this with versions of the likes of Down the Road , Hoochie Coochie Man (almost an essential at one of our gigs), Ninetynine and a Half , Tore Down , and many more. All too soon the first set came to an end, and then the bar-staff had to work double-quick to quench a lot of thirsts, which had been building through the first half!

The second set started with an instrumental number made popular during the 60s with the Mods, namely The In Crowd , done with an unmistakable blues touch. I can remember the original (unfortunately), but I must admit this version was far better.

It is great to see that rhythm & blues music is enjoyed by the ladies as well, and we have a good number of lady members who support the club every gig, and the ladies like to dance. So, on cue, Pete and the boys played a great selection of dancing blues and everyone was happy.

But all things must come to an end, and our gigs are no exception, and so after another fantastic night we had to finish, but not before the boys had played a number of encores.

Our thanks go to the members for supporting the club, and a special round of thanks to Junior Hacksaw, particularly as we found out that the main man, Pete Matheson, had in fact dragged himself off his sick-bed to perform for us - the dreaded flu.

Thanks Pete, we really did appreciate the effort.

Please keep supporting your Borough Blues Club - we hope to see you all again on March 11 for Snatch It Back.






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