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“One Note”

The Borough Blues Club Newsletter for October 2007

Gig Review – Doctor's Orders, 6th October 2007 by Tony Smith.

What was it? Did everyone stay in to watch France and New Zealand? Did hordes go to the Blues Festival in Blaenavon?

For whatever reason, our numbers were down on the usual attendance on 6 October when Doctor’s Orders played at the BBC.

A pity for those unfortunate enough to miss the gig!

Doctor’s Orders are four guys based in Worcester. Chris holds it all together on the drums, Dave is the bassist and master of ceremonies, Martyn does most of the vocals and plays guitar left handed – according to their web site he also plays harp but we didn’t see it – and then there’s Jon. Jon is a guitarist - a seriously good guitarist.

From left to right Jon, Dave and Martyn

And, as is usually the case, the drummer is out of sight, so we’ve featured Chris below.

Their set included a super mix of well known blues numbers, a bit of rock and roll, a bit of swing, a bit of TV theme music (who knew that the theme from Top Gear is called Jessica?), a ZZ Top number and one from Fleetwood Mac - all delivered with terrific gusto.

The band opened with Dr Feelgood’s “Down at the Doctors”, this was followed by BB King’s “Someday Baby” and then Albert King’s “Blues-Power”: - an answer to recent mutterings against bands who only play self penned offerings!

Other numbers from history’s most popular blues artists - and not necessarily their cliché tracks - followed. These were interspersed with instrumentals and a few “only marginally” blues numbers - altogether an excellent and thoughtfully mixed set.

Although Martyn provided the bulk of the vocals Dave’s singing, particularly on “Talk to your Daughter”, made a nice contrast.

From the beginning Jon’s solo guitar power was obvious. He’s a man who loves his work.

His shades and his pony tail tell you that the man is committed. When he’s really into it he unties his long hair and you’d be excused for confusing him with someone from the heavy metal brigade! But you wouldn’t confuse his playing. He is one of the best electric blues guitarists that I’ve heard at the BBC.

Martyn is no slouch and, towards the end, he and Jon seemed to seriously enjoy their guitar duel on “La Grange”. Their encore of “Statesboro’ Blues” and “Baby Please Don’t Go” finished the evening in some style.

We’ve had some bands at the BBC that were obviously very competent but didn’t have quite as much passion – these boys have high energy and real commitment to go with their expertise.

In my view, this is one of the best bands on the local circuit. It was a privilege to be there.


Ben Fletcher Mojo Hand 10th November 2007

Blues State UK 15th December 2007

As can be seen, we are doing our best to find you different talent from where ever and when ever we can. We know our members do get ‘out and about’ a bit, and have actually let us know about a particular band, or bands that they thought may be of interest to us at the club before so; as has been said earlier in the letter LET US KNOW WHO YOU WOULD LIKE TO HEAR AND SEE AT THE CLUB!!


Please feel free to contact your committee with ideas for the club and its development. Bands suggestions would be most welcome.

Adrian Bold - Chairman
(07803 853506)
Dave Lewis – Vice Chairman
(07899 936217)
Adrian Powell – Secretary
(07814 032008)
Tony Smith – Treasurer
(07971 701979)
Keith Barwood - Liaison Officer
(07902 292397)
David Leek - Membership Secretary
(07969 838319)


As listed above the dedicated membership secretary is now Dave Leek. For anyone wishing to join our club, or to renew their membership, a form is attached at the end of this newsletter for your convenience.
Memberships benefits include reduced ticket prices, regular newsletters, trips (which we’re hoping to increase this year) and access to the clubs workshops – of which we have some great ideas for this year.
(See Membership Application form attached)
Club News

"It is with sadness we must report, that Lee Price has now stood down as Chairman, and from the committee of the Borough Blues Club.
He was a founder member of the BB Club, and has worked hard along with others, to bring the club to where it is today, some two years on. Lee leads a very busy life, and his desire at present, is to be able to dedicate more time to other life demands.
We must also convey our heartfelt thanks, to his wife, Vanessa, who no doubt you will know from her invaluable assistance with our monthly gig raffles. She, like all committee partners has indeed put up with a lot!
Lee has assured us of his continuing support for the club, and will be attending our activities whenever possible.
Our Best Wishes, and Thanks to you both.
Borough Blues Club committee, October 2007.



On Friday 23rd November: –

The ‘Workshop’ members have decided to ‘put on’ a ‘Live Performance’ as means of: -
1) Advancing their live-playing experience. 2) As a means of supporting the unfortunate victims of the floods at Upton-upon-Severn last July, with all ticket monies raised going to the “Mayors Appeal Fund”.
The workshop musicians have all agreed that this is worth the effort on their part, and now it only needs a audience, so please make an effort to attend this concert and support our workshop band (you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the level of competence), and at the same time help contribute to a worthy cause. - A village that has hosted a wonderful Free Blues weekend for the last six or seven years: –

Ticket information coming soon!

So, to the future, we are always looking for vocalists, Key ticketed -board players, and drummers,
In fact, anyone with an interest to complement the happy gang we have already. If you fancy a go, or know someone who does, just let us, and them, know and we’ll make them welcome.

The only rule is that you have to be a member of the Borough Blues Club to attend, and the cost will be £2.00 per session. We meet at New Panteg RFC every fortnight on a Monday, and we run from 7.00pm to 9.15pm.
New players/singers are always welcome, so check website for dates, and-come-on-down.

Dates of forthcoming workshops: (All these dates have been booked at the club)

October 15th 22nd 29th
November 5th 12th 19th 26th
December 3rd 17th


Although paying homage to the roots of the
Blues with artists such as ‘Son House’, ‘Robert Johnson’ and ‘John Lee Hooker’, Ben’s playing draws heavily from the influences of BB King, Muddy Waters, and from the more recent Blues-men like Santana, SRV, Robben Ford, Jeff Healy, and Eric Sardinas.
Whilst paying tribute to the tunes and the histories of the ‘old Blues-boys’, Ben tries to bring a new ‘feel’ to the music he loves to play.

In his band ‘Mojo Hand’, Ben has assembled a line-up of like minded musicians to form a vehicle for this new exploration of the blues. Their aim is to not just reproduce the blues of old, but to use them as a base for the modern sound that defines the band.



As the present ticketing arrangements seem to be working with a most tickets being purchased on a gig night for the next forthcoming event, we intend to keep this sales system for the foreseeable future. And coupled with the support we have from you members; this will benefit the regular supporters with the opportunity for purchasing tickets to ensure access for the next gig. Of course, tickets will be available from the committee members – see below.

Tickets will, as usual, be on a first come first served basis.
Tickets may be available on the door on the night, but please remember;

When the house is Full……the house is Full!!!!!

Ticket prices: - £4.00 members, £5.00 non-members.
All pre-paid tickets not received, will be issued at the door on the gig night.
(Subject, of course, to the usual name and address confirmation)

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