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Snatch It Back - 11th March 2006


Long time local favourites, Snatch It Back delivered the goods on 11th March 2006. Here's a review from club secretary Adrian Powell.

Snatch It Back have been around in one form or another since 1983. During this time various members have come and gone, and even returned. But one thing is for sure - the quality of the music has not suffered in any way due to any of the changes.

Throughout the last twenty-three years the driving force of the band has been, and still is, the lead singer and 'Harp' supremo, Mr Chris Rees, together with bass player Mr Paul Higgins, and some two years later were joined by lead guitarist Mr Dave Dearnaley.

Between them, and a succession of other musicians, the band has survived to the present day and is still very much a driving force for good old-fashioned Rhythm & Blues music in South Wales.

And so, last Saturday the line-up consisted of Chris Rees on Vocals and Harp, Dave Dearnaley on Lead Guitar and backing vocals, Paul Higgins on Bass and backing vocals, and last but not least, Ian Davies on drums.

The guys kicked off with an up-beat number to get the feet tapping, namely Slim Harpo's Scratch my Back . This was followed in quick succession by Tough Enough (by?? - send answers on the back of used £5 notes), Neighbor Neighbor (as played by Jerry Garcia), Forty-four Blues by Howlin' Wolf - stunning Slide Guitar on this - and then Tampa Red's Don't You Lie to Me .

The first set carried on in this vein, and it was obvious that our members were really enjoying 'buzz' from the music, the band finished this set with Checkin' up on my Baby (Junior Wells), and finally Boogie Woogie Twist - bit of a dance number to leave them wanting more in the second half.

Lightnin' Hopkins' Too Many Drivers was the choice for the start of the second set; this is a real good rock/blues number, and definitely gets people in the mood.

The rest of the evening was spent in a blur of enjoyment with the band playing almost non-stop combining more dance-like numbers for our more energetic members, with some more traditional R & B styled numbers in between. The set finally came to an end, and with enthusiastic applause the band left the stage, but it was only for a short break as our members insisted on at least one encore.

Chris and the boys duly complied, with a brilliant rendition of, well, what else but Junior Wells' Snatch It Back , a perfect end to what everyone felt was a cracking night.

It only remained to thank Snatch It Back for the music, and our members for their support, and wish all well until 1st April when we play host to Blue Traffic.







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