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The Fugitives - 6th June 2006


This brilliant five-piece outfit played some of the best blues we've heard at the club to date, which takes some doing when taking into consideration the talent we've been privileged to witness since we opened the doors to the club in September 2005.

The line-up:

  • Drums - Gary Davies (a very hard working guy)
  • Bass Guitar - Jason Beuschel (Solid back line all night)
  • Lead/Rhythm Guitar - Dai Williams
  • Lead/Rhythm Guitar - Steve Williams (Yes two guitarists and no they're not related, just very good!)
  • Lead Vocals and Harmonicas - Justin Holly (Superb technician, great sound)

As seems to be the norm now, that we have virtually a full-house by eight-thirty, and tonight our members seemed to be in a party mood (must be the warm weather!) this Saturday, and the band made sure that everyone was going to enjoy the event.

The Fugitives kicked off the first set with a number called Big Deal, a strong driving rock-blues number delivered with attitude and style - it got everyone's attention!!. This was followed by Flip Flop and Fly - this seems a popular number in a blues set these days.

It was a frantic opening, and so the band slowed the tempo a little with a song called Watch Out - this featured a stunning guitar solo from Dai Williams, with an equal performance on the vocals and 'harp' from Justin.

We then had a bit of rock with Now Junior Behave followed by John Mayall's You Don't Love Me Baby - great harp again.

The boys finished the first set with Sugar Coated Love, Shaking All Over (Johnny Kidd and the Pirates with attitude++), and finally Up the Line (Robben Ford).

Such was the quality of the performance, our members' applause was strong and long, and this was only the first set, and we knew it would only get better!

The break gave us an opportunity to cool down a bit, and of course make our usual announcements, and collect the customary raffle - once again, thanks to Vanessa, Sally, Shirley, and Jane for running and organizing this part of the night, and a special thanks to Pat for her work behind the bar. (We can't fault our wives' support for our club).

The second set opened with She Does It Right, and then straight into You Don't Love Me no More, once again good up tempo numbers. Justin was featured on the next song - a classic Little Walter number - My Babe. Enough to say he more than did it justice!

We were now at the point where a number of our members usually enjoy a bit of a dance, so for the next twenty minutes the band played songs like The Letter (Joe Cocker), Maybellene (Chuck Berry), Got My Mojo Workin' (Muddy Waters), a ska-style song Rock Steady, and this dance set closed with Poke Salad Annie.

Many more numbers came and went, but finally the boys played their last one. The applause the band received was richly deserved, and despite the fact that the band was dead-beat by now, they were still up for playing an encore or two.

I think the last two numbers, although not strictly blues, were close enough to pass muster, and so we hit the road with Route 66, and finally Honky Tonk Women.

By this time Gary Davies - the drummer was out on his feet - I told you he was a busy, hardworking drummer, but this must be said for all the band members, they played their guts out for us. By the response from our members, I think we'll be getting these guys back again soon!

This has been another successful night at the Borough Blues Club. Many thanks to The Fugitives, and to our members, for their continuing support.



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