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Ben Fletcher Blues Band 7th November 2007


What happened to the Mojo Hand?  Well, apparently there was another musical outfit out there with a similar title.  Drum kit locked away and unavailable, getting lost in Cwmbran, this all before turning up at the club – was their mojo lost…………….. I can confirm “Definitely Not!!”

Energy, passion and skill across diverse numbers was the order of the night.  The evening opened with “Little by Little”, a powerfully and rhythmic starter for 10.  Their first set covered numbers by BB King, ‘Bob’ Johnson, SRV and ZZTop.  Mustn’t forget to mention the stunning electric slide display on some of these numbers, – truly awesome.  For me, ‘Bobs’ Mean Red Spider was the highlight of this set.
The second kicked off with “On the Road Again” and the standard continued to be up there all evening.  SRV tunes (Pride & Joy..), a bit more BB and a couple of Hendrix tracks.  Every time a band plays some Jimi numbers they always seem to go down well with the BBC members.  And finally, a song that I think a first time to be played at the club “Sweet Home Alabama” WHAT A TREAT!

The band – Ben Fletcher (Guitar & Vocals) A very talented individual who had it all really, great voice, super guitarist and he commanded the stage.  The only word of negativity would be the occasional overindulgence to show his wares which weren’t necessary – you could see from the opening number, this guy had talent.

Steve (Bass) – One of the best I’ve seen at the club, if not looking a bit psychotic at times!  A true bass- player, confident and relaxed, but most importantly, enjoying the groove. 
He also performed one of the best ‘bass solo’ seen at the BBC, very ingenious.

Miggsy on drums was good (considering he only had snare, bass drum, hi-hat and a cymbal) but unfortunately looked a little uncomfortable with an unfamiliar kit and band, I believe he has only been playing with Ben & Steve for a couple of weeks.  I would love to see them back at the club at a time when Miggsy can contribute to the collective as much as the others – this would create one of the best to be seen. 


All in all, a thoroughly engaging evening, thanks BBC.  (I also noted one of the ladies stating that it was a nice change to have some ‘eye candy’ playing at the club………. And someone who was under 60!!)

(Oh the cheek of it!! Ed)

Looking forward to Blues State UK – bring it on.


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