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Please feel free to contact us regarding membership, forthcoming events (pre-booked tickets) or just the blues in general, at the following email addresses. Alternatively, for general queries you can use the form below.

Completed Membership Application Forms (download form here) including payment should be returned to:

John Oliver
35 Pettingale Road
NP44 2NY

07407 297020

To buy tickets, send your application (download form here) and cheque to;

Tony Smith,
Treasurer - BBC,
23 Oakleigh Court,
NP44 6HE

01633 483238

Committee Member Details:

John Dixon {Club Chairman} Click Here To Download Details Of Responsibilities

Glyn Evans. {Secretary} Click Here To Download Details Of Responsibilities

John Oliver {Membership}

Dave Leek. {Band Booking}

Sandra Leek {Publicity}

Tony Smith. {Deputy Chairman, Treasurer & Web site}

Is Evren {Social Media, Publicity}