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One of the original intentions of the founders of the club was to create a Workshop Environment where blues enthusiasts, and musicians (experienced and novice alike) could meet at the club on a regular basis, to improve their playing/drumming/singing what-have-you, (You tell us!!) in a mutual supportive setting. This could include use of 'outside' resources for tutorials and educational sessions. 


The first session was held on 28th February 2006 and regular workshops have continued ever since.

We are currently looking for vocalists, Key-board players, and drummers, to complement the happy gang we have already. If you fancy a go, or know someone who does, just let us know and we’ll make them welcome, no need for equipment just bring your voice.

Requirements for participation/attendance at the workshops are that you are a member of the Borough Blues Club and a small fee of 2.50 per session is payable.

In general, workshops are held on Monday evenings starting at 7.00pm 'til 9.15pm. If you are in doubt please check with Keith Barwood on 09702 292397

The workshops are proving a great success with new attendees turning up with great enthusiasm. We currently have in excess of 20 members who access the workshop facility on a regular basis.


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